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Louisville Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Insurance Protects Your Investment

No matter what size business you own in Louisville, you’ve worked hard and invested time and money to create it. You want to make sure that investment is protected with business insurance in case the unexpected occurs. Businesses are vulnerable to a variety of risks that could cause financial ruin:

  • Property damage
  • Vandalism and theft
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Lawsuits and legal judgments
  • Injuries to workers and visitors
  • Subcontractor failures

Business insurance can cover these disasters and more. It protects your business from having to close if the worst happens, and it safeguards your employees’ livelihoods too.

You Can Combine Many Types of Business Insurance

Property Insurance

Just like homeowner insurance protects your residence, business property insurance covers your business premises. It can apply to the structure and its contents, or if you rent, your equipment and inventory. You may wish to add earthquake and/or flood insurance too, depending on where you are located.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This coverage protects any vehicles used in your business operation, whether you have one delivery truck or a fleet of cars for salespeople. It also protects you when renting work vehicles while traveling and when using a personal vehicle for work tasks.

General Liability and Business Umbrella Insurance

Commercial liability insurance protects you from a variety of risks that are usually related to lawsuits, such as discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination, as well as errors and omissions that carry serious consequences. It can be tailored to the type of business you run. Business umbrella insurance extends your liability cap and may be recommended based on your business size, type, or risks inherent to your industry.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Did you know that small businesses are often targeted more for cyber crime attempts than big corporations? Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Cyber liability insurance can cover a range of vulnerabilities, such as client financial data and privacy breaches, as well as loss of income due to downtime outside your control after a cyber event.

Workers Compensation

Workers comp protects your employees in case they are injured on the job. It covers medical care, rehab, pharmaceuticals, and disability, along with other related expenses that would otherwise be your financial responsibility. If you have one or more workers, the state of Kentucky requires you to carry workers compensation insurance.


Bonds protect you if someone working with you falls short of their promises to get a job done. There are also bonds for specific professions and public workers.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine coverage is essential if you transport other people’s valuable property as part of your business. All kinds of companies use this insurance, from manufacturers moving expensive equipment to art galleries and interior designers.

Specialized Insurance Based on Industry

Some business niches benefit from insurance specific to their unique modes of operation. Ask us about specialized insurance for electricians, restaurants, landscapers, farmers, truckers, barbers, landlords, and others with unique coverage needs.

Our Independent Agents Can Help You Select the Right Coverage

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the business insurance options out there. Our independent agents can assist you by asking the right questions needed to get you adequate coverage for your unique requirements. Based on your industry, payroll size, and other factors, we’ll make sure you cover areas where you could be vulnerable.

To get the information you need about business insurance call Old Kentucky Insurance at 502-451-8800. Or reach out online to start a policy and we’ll follow up to get you covered.