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Shelbyville Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Businesses Are Vulnerable to Many Risks

When you own a business, it’s an investment of your time and money. We always recommend that our Shelbyville business clients protect that investment with the proper business insurance. There are many threats to businesses today that could result in you having to close your doors:

  • Damage to business premises and property
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Business vehicle accidents
  • Legal judgments and damages
  • Injuries on your property
  • Subcontractor unreliability

Instead of paying for these disasters out of your own pocket — which puts your business at risk — your insurance covers them. It protects both you and your employees, who depend on you for their income.

There Are Many Types of Business Insurance

Property Insurance

Property insurance, like homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, protects your business structure and its contents, including equipment and inventory. It’s easy to add flood or earthquake insurance for even greater protection.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you or your employees use vehicles for business purposes, they must be covered by commercial auto insurance. You can use a business auto policy to protect you when renting cars for business travel or for using a personal vehicle to conduct work tasks too.

General Liability and Business Umbrella Insurance

All businesses are in danger of liability lawsuits from a range of risks:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Errors and omissions
  • Mistakes by officers and members

Commercial liability insurance protects your business from these risks and can be customized to the type of business you own. If you would like even more liability protection, simply add a business umbrella policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyber crime these days. You can protect yourself with cyber liability insurance, especially when it comes to financial data or private private information.

Workers Compensation

If one of your employees is injured on the job, they are covered by workers compensation, which is mandatory in the state of Kentucky. This covers their medical bills, disability, occupational therapy, and more, instead of them taking you to court for reimbursement.


If you have a business that relies on other businesses (including subcontractors) to get projects done and get paid, a bond is essential. It protects you if an associate doesn’t come through as promised, such as missing a deadline or failing to honor a contract.

Inland Marine Insurance

This insurance protects cargo that belongs to others if moving it is part of your business. Inland marine coverage is common in manufacturing, technology, interior design, and fine art.

Specialized Insurance Based on Industry

If you work in one of these business categories, you may want specialized insurance:

  • Barbering and hairstyling
  • Contracting (especially plumbing and electrical)
  • Restaurant or food preparation
  • Landscaping and yard care
  • Landlord or property management
  • Farming or equine professions
  • Trucking

Let Us Help You With a Policy Tailored to Your Business

Don’t struggle trying to piece together business insurance. Our independent agents, who pride themselves on great customer service, will ask the right questions to help you determine what kind of insurance is best for your unique business in Shelbyville. We’ll plug gaps in your areas of vulnerability, so you can focus on other areas of work without worry.

To learn more about business insurance call Old Kentucky Insurance at 502-451-8800. Feel free to reach out or start a policy online as well.